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How to Stop Snoring

If you are a heavy snorer at night then you owe it to yourself and your partner to try to do something about it.

Unfortunately there is no single snoring remedy guaranteed to get rid of the problem. Just as there are numerous causes of snoring there are numerous different treatments - the solution that works perfectly for a particular individual might not work at all for another. It all depends on what causes the snoring in the first place.

Please remember that persistent snoring could be a sign of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), a potentially life-threatening complaint. If you think you could be suffering from sleep apnea you should consult your doctor.

At the most extreme, surgery is available that will stop snoring in many cases. One such procedure is the Pillar Palatal Implant System. This should usually be seen as a remedy of last resort unless recommended by your doctor.

Simple Snoring Solutions

Fortunately there are a number of less extreme methods than surgery that may help to reduce your snoring. Different approaches will have different success rates for different people - what works for my snoring might not work for yours.


This is perhaps the simplest way to reduce or prevent snoring. If you are overweight, or smoke, or drink just before bedtime then all of these will increase the chance of your being a snorer. A few basic lifestyle changes could not only reduce snoring but drastically improve your general health.

OSA Treatment

If you suspect your snoring is due to sleep apnea then it's extremely important to see a doctor. Non-intrusive CPAP equipment can treat sleep apnea in some patients and hence also reduce snoring.

Sleep on Your Side

This is probably the simplest home snoring tip and has surprisingly good results for some people. If you usually sleep on your back then you will tend to snore more. Try sleeping on your side - there are special pillows and other bed devices available to assist in this. Failing that your partner can probably "encourage" you!

Breath Through Your Nose

If you breathe through your nose during the night then you will usually snore less - or possibly stop snoring completely. Avoid anything that could cause nasal obstruction and force you to breath through your mouth. If you're prone to colds, try using some of the preparations available to keep the nasal passages clear during the night.

Another way to help you breath through your nose more easily is to use one of the commercial anti-snoring devices available. These include:

Over The Counter

There are a number of anti-snoring devices and aids available to buy over the counter or online. These include nasal strips and products such as Breze.

Raise Your Head

Raising your head a few inches with extra pillows can sometimes be enough to alleviate the effects of gravity on the weak muscles and reduce snoring. Again, you can buy special pillows to assist with this.

Music and Singing

Recent research suggests that singing or playing a wind instrument might help some people to control their snoring. For more information, see: snoring and music.

Anti-Snoring Devices & Treatments

As well as the nasal strips mentioned above, there are numerous other anti-snoring devices available on the market ranging from simple nasal sprays to complex mechanical devices. Some of these are ingenious in the extreme!

Unfortunately you'll only know if a particular snoring solution works for you by trying it out.

Become an Astronaut :)

Astronauts rarely snore when in space, probably because because in zero-G the throat muscles are less prone to collapsing!