Loft Beds

Loft beds are perhaps most commonly found in student bedrooms and dorms - although they can be a useful addition to any bedroom, especially when space is at a premium.

What Is A Loft Bed?

A loft bed (or loftbed) is very much like a bunk bed, however the lower section is used for purposes other than sleeping. It's a single person space saving bed that makes best use of vertical space, making it a great furniture choice for small rooms. Although they are normally thought of as single beds for kids or college students it's also possible to buy them in larger sizes such as twin, queen or full.

The most basic form of bunk loft bed is basically just a raised sleeping platform: the space underneath is left empty and can be used to store of boxes, college books, electrical equipment etc. Some more sophisticated models include built in storage units etc in various configurations. They are available to buy in both wood and metal.

An alternative that is popular for student bedrooms is to use the lower space to incorporate a work desk for study. A study desk with 6built in computer workstation is increasingly common.

For younger children it it is possible to buy themed loft beds, popular examples being "castle" and fairy princess.

Safety First

As with bunks, safety is paramount with loft beds - children sleeping in raised beds must be taught that they are not toys and guard rails should always be used. In the US, federal guidelines recommend that only children aged over six sleep in top bunks. Always read and follow manufacturer's instructions.

Since loft beds often have less support underneath than traditional bunk beds they must be carefully designed to ensure that they can safely take the weight of a person laying on top. They may need extra support struts etc. If you're thinking of building your own as a DIY project then you might want to buy a professionally produced plan.