Relyon Beds

Relyon is a UK based furniture manufacturer that can trace its history back to the mid 19th century. It specialises in producing beds which it describes simply as being "the best beds in the world".


The company began in 1858 as Price Brothers and Co, a wool merchant based in the English county of Somerset. The early products were wool filled pillows and mattresses filled largely with locally sourced straw. The company expanded the range and quality of its products over the years and by the 1920s was exporting mattress cases and fillings to customers around and beyond Britain.

In 1935 the company changed its name to Relyon, a choice designed to reflect the quality of products; by 1936 Relyon mattresses were in use on the luxury cruise ship the RMS Queen Mary. In 1937 the Sanitex range was heavily promoted to buyers from hotels.

During the 1940s Relyon gradually switched to spring based mattresses as well as investigating new products such as polyurethane foams. One of the best selling Relyon innovations of to use the new technologies was the Lifesaver, introduced in the 1960s.

Relyon prides itself on quality and craftsmanship and builds all aspects of the finished bed, from the base through the mattress to the headboards. Some styles are hand finished. In recognition of its achievements Relyon was the first company to be awarded the Production Guild Mark from the Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers in London.

In 2001 Relyon Group plc was purchased by Steinhoff International, which in 2003 also bought Sprung Slumber and merged the two companies under the Relyon name. The sister company Springtex was formed in 2007 specifically to produce coils and pocket springs for mattresses.


Relyon today sells a wide variety of products for the bedroom including beds, mattresses, pillows and toppers. At the time of writing (2011) Relyon beds are divided into four collections:

•  Heritage
Hand-crafted luxury divan sets including Braemar, Marquess and Emperor
•  Memory
Memory foam based mattresses including Impression, Caress and Desire 6th Sense
•  Classic
Pocket spring mattresses including Orthorest, Elegance and Indulgence
•  AIS
Beds such as the Royal Edinburgh and Memory Finesse for sale through Associated Independent Stores (AIS)

Relyon also sells trundle beds under the Storabed brand name. Currently there are three versions available: Deluxe, New England and Duo.

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