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Here Be Dreams is an on-line guide to the shadow world of sleep, from buying bedroom furniture to snoring solutions and lucid dreams.

Most people spend around a third of their lives asleep. Much of this is spent dreaming. The night-time realm of dreams has fascinated scientists and philosophers for centuries. Yet despite this, few people really know much about dreamland. Some people even claim that they never dream!

Sleep and dreaming are an important part of life. You owe it to yourself to learn more about this fascinating subject and on this website I'll share some of the stuff I've learned over many years of reading about the subject.

Please note that I'm not a trained specialist, nor do I claim any qualifications or authority. I'm simply an ordinary guy who's interested in the subjects covered here. The information on this site is for background interest only.

This is not a medical site. You should always discuss medical issues with your doctor.

Please note that I cannot give any form of individual interpretation / advice.

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